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Echoes of Love Charity Single

The song entitled ‘ECHOES OF LOVE’ was produced in response to the refugee crises which has caused thousands of refugees to flee their homes in fear of their lives. This emergency has gripped the nation and stirred the heart of Lloyd Gordon and the team at Greater Manchester Churches Together (GMCT) to stand together and make a difference.


Archbishop Doyè Agama wrote the song and Pastor Lloyd Gordon was the producer. Due to Lloyd’s former career as a professional session musician, he has managed to pull together some of the Norths A-list musicians and singers alongside a 40 piece choir of everyday people who simply had a desire to help those in need.


‘ECHOES OF LOVE’ is a single which will make a difference’ says Lloyd Gordon (Producer and instigator of the project) ‘It started with a desire and I believe that this song has the potential to be the song of the church for this season'


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